Simple time tracking for teams

JustReply provides simple but powerful time tracking for individuals and small to medium teams using software tools you already use everyday like email and Slack.

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Just reply your time by email

Each day team members enter their time simply by responding to an email with a simple understandable message format, with whatever email client they already use; no complex web forms or applications required.

Improve team communication and understanding

Team members receive a daily email summary of what everyone worked on the previous day, allowing them to give kudos and comment on individual achievements; the result is a better understanding of what people are working on and how this affects everyone else.

Track what #matters

Use hashtags in email responses to bucket time against projects and other important reporting criteria such as #billable, #experiment, or #afterhours; you can setup whatever projects and tags are important to you.

Simple and flexible reporting

Create and save reports, with the ability to group hours by team members, projects, tags and time ranges; whether it's to drive payroll or to provide data for SR&ED reporting, we've got you covered!