Slack Authentication

Before integrating JustReply to Slack, you will need to login using Slack from the Login page, or attach your Slack account from the Account Settings page. You will also need to have administrative rights to your Slack team in order to create the integration.

Slack Integration

NOTE: Slack integration works much better with multiple team members.

Once you have authenticated with Slack, if you are the team owner, you will be able to create a Slack integration that will allow you and your team to interact with JustReply through Slack. Simply click on the 'Add to Slack' button from the Integrations page to get started.

The integration has 2 parts to it. One is the slash command integration which lets you send slackbot commands to JustReply, the other is an incoming web hook integration so JustReply can send chat messages to individual members.

Each member can choose to have their daily reminders sent by Email, Slack or both on their Preferences page.

NOTE: When a team members sends commands to JustReply, they are interacting with Slackbot, so only the indvidual member can see the commands and responses.

For more information about our official integration with Slack, please refer to our official Slack integration listing.

Contact Support

For any support issues including those related to Slack integration, please contact us at